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The interesting point to understand is this: Your mind is ALREADY CONNECTED to the Internet of Infinite Mind. Therefore, it is not up to you to figure things out. It's up to you to get quiet in there and LISTEN. The moment you get quiet, and you can even do that right now as you are reading this, and you thereby stop energizing your current level of foggy ignorance, is the exact moment when the download from the Internet of Infinite Mind can flow in and more clearly connect with you. In little glimmers, at first, you will find yourself Knowing what to do or not do. The idea is trust your heart. Trust your conscience. Start doing what feels right to you — in the meditations, in the poses, and in your life.

Remember, it makes sense to do this because, "You only exist because The All is being Itself as you." That is one of my favorite lines. I've said that 10 million times this year. You are only who you are because The All is appearing as you. Therefore, when you trust yourself, you are not just trusting into your conditioning. You are not just trusting into your habits. You are trusting into The All, which is appearing as you.

That is why you don't have to figure anything out. Figure out enough to get yourself to be quiet, to put a comma in your commentary every once in a while, to exhale and relax, and wonder, "What is the truth here, really?" And then don't make up an answer. Exhale and relax again. And exhale and relax again. And exhale and relax again. Next thing you know, you will find yourself moved to be talking about "this," or driving home "this" way, and you will find yourself living your life with Online Knowing. Yay! Then you begin to get it. That's what Yoga is.

The reason I talk about all of this is because Yoga is about the mindset you are coming from. It is not just bending yourself inside-out. It's about being consciously online with the Internet of Infinite Mind, and Googling answers whenever you need to know something, and doing it so much you realize, "Wow, I don't have to "get" Online. I'm Online. It's built-in. It is impossible to get off-line." If you are conscious, and you are, then YOU ARE CONNECTED, and you have always been connected. You and I have always been in the middle of The Ultimate. We are in the middle of The Ultimate even now. Whereas, if in the back of your mind you are thinking we are in a temporary world on the way to a more "real" existence, it will wreck your health and distort your experience.


So, let's meditate. And then 3) bend over, then 4) Freeform-it, and then 5) meditate again.

And in case you haven't been here before, Chapter One is what just happened. Talking. Chapter Two is we meditate for a few minutes. I usually talk for part of it, and then I be quiet for part of it. Chapter Three is a Guided Asana Chapter. Chapter Four, I put on the music and we do Freeform together, where you practice channeling your practice. And then Chapter Five, we will meditate again at the end for a short minute or two.

Thank you for coming today. Thank you for coming all year. Enjoy the web page. Enjoy the Holy Instant.

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Being With You ~ Bahramji and Mashti ~ Bahramji & Mashti
  2. Dreamcatcher ~ Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor ~ Tandava

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