Your Real DNA – venice class – Oct 14, 2014 tu

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Your real DNA is not sourced in your parents or your grandparents. Your real DNA is sourced in G-O-D. Therefore, you are susceptible to whatever the truth of G-O-D is, not just blood clots, heart attacks, dementia...

G-O-D, God, means "Supreme Being." Not "a" Supreme Being that you will meet after death, but the Supreme Being which is being everything that is being.

And the insight is that you only exist because The All is appearing as you, specifically. The All is being you. G-O-D is being you. Therefore, what you are really susceptible to is not blood clots or heart attacks or dementia, but to the infinity of Conscious, Eternal, Ongoing Life.

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Sun King ~ The Beatles ~ Abbey Road
  2. Water Shows The Hidden Heart ~ Enya ~ Amarantine

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