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This has been on my mind a lot. And I have been talking about it a lot in here. But I want to keep rubbing it in, because it seems true. Anything other than this just doesn't seem as true as it used to seem. The simple sentence I would like you to remember, and argue with, debate about, wonder about, sense into the truth or falsity of, is, "Your real DNA — what you are really made out of — is G-O-D."

Your real DNA is G-O-D.

The older you get, the more you are likely to find yourself thinking things like, "I will probably die of what my father died of." Or, "I will probably die of what my grandmother died of. It's genetic, you know." And you are likely to have good, smart reasons that justify why you are suffering from whatever you are suffering from. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yes. But, more than that is, wow, "Your REAL DNA — the thing that you are really susceptible to — is G-O-D," whatever that means. Therefore, inquire, "What does G-O-D mean?"

The insight is that God means Supreme Being, the Being of all, and that therefore your real DNA is G-O-D, and that because God is Love therefore so are you.

I used to hear, "God is Love," and I would think, "Well, so what? Yay. But what does that have to do with me?" You know, as though God were some other entity that you will meet at some future moment after death. But, God is Supreme Being being everything that is being — right now, already, and only. And since God is Love — if — then wow, that is the truest thing about you, really, whether you are experiencing it yet or not.

Be intrigued by the concept and then immerse yourself in your actual Now experience and wonder, "What is the truth here, really? Really? Really? Really? Really? Really? Yes, genetics, I know, my father, my grandmother, yeah I know..."

But, wow, your real DNA is G-O-D. And G-O-D is Love. The more you feel the truth of this, the more you get healed — is the insight, is the hope, is the worthy quest.

Understand that if you are not pushing into new understandings about life and what's going on, then you will be stuck with your current level of ignorance. The smarter you get, the more you will realize how little you actually know. Therefore, don't get stuck with your current level of pea-brained ignorance.

Have insight into the fact that wow, maybe, your real DNA is G-O-D. "I don't really know what that means, but wow, I'd like to know." And just the, "I would like to know" aspect helps soften your current level of ignorance, and then New Knowing starts flowing in.

And so, I am practicing, and I am suggesting that especially when you are doing your Yoga practice, and you are meditating, and whenever this seems like it might be halfway true, in those moments where it is easy to be open to this truth — if it is true — then get it while you can!

In those moments, feel the truth of G-O-D. You will start feeling loved. The more you do it, even just a little bit, the more the window opens.

Your real DNA is G-O-D. Go away with that one. Think about it a lot. Say it to yourself a lot. Debate about it. Because, at the least, if you are debating about it you are still in the arena of learning about it. And wouldn't it be nice!

So, you are not the dweeb you thought you were. Other people are not the dweebs you think they are. God, Supreme Being in Infinite Display, is the only thing that is going on, really, is the insight. Supreme Being is being everything that is being.

Cool. Cool!

And again, you will be clear about this for a moment, then you will flip, "Eh, that sucks." Or, "Life sucks. Life's hard. Can't wait till I get outta here."


Your real DNA is G-O-D, Love. Let that soak in whenever possible. Put yourself out in nature more frequently. Be alone more frequently. Have quiet moments where you are not hassled by the TV or other people. Or, be with other people and do this, you know, like now! Right now we are helping each other get clearer on this, or get clearer on whatever the Truth happens to be. And it just seems like G-O-D — L-O-V-E.

This is cool. This is radical. This is hopeful. Get clear on this. Then, when you notice yourself believing something else, just nip it in the bud, faster. That's all it is. Yes! Just nip it in the bud, like a little fly swatter. And then you will be left with whatever is true. Exactly. OK?

Keep in mind that if your real DNA is G-O-D, then that is the truth, already. It is not something you are working toward. Oh! There is no process involved to it, really. That is important to understand.

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. My primitive heart (feat. MC Yogi) ~ Eccodek ~ Singing in Tongues
  2. Water Shows the Hidden Heart ~ Enya ~ Enya

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