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You can shift your attention and you are shifting your attention all the time. Like now, sometimes a loud motorcycle will go by and there will be an involuntary shift of attention. Then, after you have been involuntarily attending to the sound of the motorcycle, you voluntarily shift your attention back to my voice. Your attention is always somewhere. You can shift it. You just did.

Part of the practice is to shift your attention deliberately, and what I have been suggesting is SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION to the feeling-tone of YOU. Because, remember, you only exist because The All is appearing as you.

A wave on the ocean is only what it is because the entire ocean is being that specific wave. As the wave relaxes into itself and shifts its attention from whatever it was looking at, to the feeling-tone of what it is, then inevitably — because of what it is — it will feel the depths of the ocean as being the truest thing about itself.

When you shift your attention to the feeling-tone of YOU you are not actually narrowing your focus, getting smaller and smaller and feeling just you, like you might imagine. You are actually sensing into the feeling-tone of Infinity — The All — which is appearing as you!

Now, one of the things I have been saying is that the feeling-tone of Infinity is Calm, is Peace, is Alive, is unconflicted BEING. Therefore, the more clearly you experience the feeling-tone of YOU, the more you will feel the truth of unconflicted Being — ALIVENESS — as being the truth of what you specifically are. You will then naturally be guided to do things that are congruent with what is really true.

Try it now. Close your eyes, or not, and direct your attention to the feeling-tone truth of you. Exhale and relax. What does it feel like to be you right now?

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. My Primitive Heart ~ Eccodek ~ Singing in Tongues (featuring MC Yogi)
  2. Fallin' ~ Alicia Keys ~ Songs In A Minor
  3. Mapusa ~ Mashti ~ Danish Delights (Compiled by Alexander Descroix)
  4. Earth-Rise ~ Earth-Rise ~ Earth-Rise

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