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The main practice I am recommending is the Conscious Pause. It is also called the Holy Instant or the Sacred Pause. Use words you are comfortable with. For a long time I was not comfortable saying "holy instant." Now I like those words. It is a holy instant when you tune-in and be attentive in the New Now. "Holy" means "whole," w-h-o-l-e. It is the awareness of being holistically connected. You look at a sunset and you know it is a holy moment. You're wowed by it. It feels holy — not in a weird way, but in a really cool, grounded way!

The main practice is the Holy Instant, the Conscious Pause. Simply pause whenever it occurs to you. In the midst of whatever you are doing, EXHALE and RELAX and REMEMBER YOU ARE CONNECTED. Then WONDER INWARDLY to the infinity of Mind, "What should I do in this moment? What is the truth of this New Now? What should I teach in class? What route should I drive home by? Should I make the phone call now or later?" You know what I mean? If you are wondering about anything, then use the fact that you are wondering about it as a reminder to Google the answer. Just Google the answer! It is such a cool way to talk about it now. If you can Google answers, then YOU ARE CONNECTED. Get that!

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Being With You ~ Bahramji & Mashti ~ Bahramji & Mashti
  2. Nuvole bianche ~ Ludovico Einaudi ~ Una Mattina

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Explanation: Why would the sky look like a giant target? Airglow. Following a giant thunderstorm over Bangladesh in late April, giant circular ripples of glowing air appeared over Tibet, China, as pictured above. The unusual pattern is created by atmospheric gravity waves, waves of alternating air pressure that can grow with height as the air thins, in this case about 90 kilometers up. Unlike auroras powered by collisions with energetic charged particles and seen at high latitudes, airglow is due to chemiluminescence, the production of light in a chemical reaction. More typically seen near the horizon, airglow keeps the night sky from ever being completely dark.

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