the Feeling-Tone of Infinity is Calm – venice class – Jul 29, 2014 tu

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You might occasionally sit down to meditate and think, "Yeah, what's the big deal?" and not feel motivated. And so, keep this in mind:

The feeling-tone of Infinity is conflict-free calm. Not dull. Not manic. Calm. High-energy conflict-free CALM.

And you and I are the specific identifications of Infinity. Therefore, the deepest feeling-tone of you is conflict-free high-energy calm. When you sit quietly and practice not moving, the gyroscope of you will become congruent with the feeling-tone of Infinity. You will feel the thrill or rightness of Calm, and it will then make more sense to you to trust your deepest impulses about what to do or not do in your life. Your deepest feelings and your deepest impulses MUST BE and ARE congruent with the Movement of Life because that is what they are! Therefore, you will feel more alive as you let more Life infuse your conscious presence.

Keep that simple sentence in mind. The feeling-tone of Infinity is Calm. The feeling-tone of Infinity is Calm. The feeling-tone of Infinity is Calm. And by you sitting quietly you can make yourself congruent with the feeling-tone of Life.


FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Dreamcatcher ~ Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor ~ Tandava
  2. Earth-Rise ~ Earth-Rise

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Image Credit: & Copyright: Göran Strand

Explanation: This sky looked delicious. Double auroral ovals were captured above the town lights of Östersund, Sweden, last week. Pictured above, the green ovals occurred lower to the ground than violet aurora rays above, making the whole display look a bit like a cupcake. To top it off, far in the distance, the central band or our Milky Way Galaxy slants down from the upper left. The auroras were caused by our Sun ejecting plasma clouds into the Solar System just a few days before, ionized particles that subsequently impacted the magnetosphere of the Earth. Aurora displays may continue this week as an active sunspot group rotated into view just a few days ago.

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