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The simple idea, remember, is DECOMPRESS. But, do it seriously :))))) Seriously, work hard, so to speak, at decompressing. It's not that you lie down and just space out. Work hard at relaxing, and relaxing, and relaxing, and relaxing. In other words, participate fully.

Life is more fun when you participate. If you are only half in the game, you will not be running on all cylinders. It cannot be fulfilling. It will not be fun. You will be conflicted. And if you are conflicted, you are going to feel conflicted, and you will then resist being where you are.

And so, now, when we do Savasana, the Deep Relaxation Pose, participate in it a little more fully than normal. Really let go, and really let go, and really let go, and pay attention to the experience you are having. Remember if you are NOT relaxed, then you ARE uptight, to some degree. You are choking your Life Force.

The other way to talk about being uptight is that of being "defended." Most of us are walking around with a psychic shield, feeling defensive against the world. Whereas what I am suggesting is RELAX. Put your defenses down. Become increasingly defense-less. That can seem scary, often, sometimes, because, "If I become defenseless, I will become more vulnerable!" But, actually, the more open you become, and the more energetically spacious you are, the more INVULNERABLE you will be. You are easier to hit if you are a solid object! You are actually safer if you are fear-less, un-defended.

And so, learn to be increasingly defense-less, increasingly undefended. RELAX. The more you relax, the more sensitive you will be to when you start tensing up again. You will notice the contrast.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Desert Poem ~ Stephan Micus ~ To The Evening Child
  2. Mapusa ~ Mashti ~ Danish Delights
  3. Earth-Rise ~ Earth-Rise

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