Milarepa – venice class – Jun 12, 2014 th

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I have talked about this before, but I want to say it again. I wear this locket around my neck. It is a little painting of Milarepa. I don't know much about Milarepa, except that he was a Tibetan yogi. But, during my first trip to India I saw a painting of him. He was sitting in a Shankara-type cross-legged pose and he had his hand cupped by his ear as though he were listening for something. I haven't studied his story or teachings very much. That was sufficient.

The teaching is: Listen. Be mindful. Be attentive. Think less, listen more. Listen to The Infinite. That is the essence of Yoga. Listen to The Infinite and then live your life with the new perspective you will find yourself having.

In contemporary words, I talk about it as using your mind to BE ONLINE, wirelessly connected to the Conscious Internet of Infinite Mind. Use your mind to Google whatever you need to know, whenever you need to know it, and then "listen" instead of "think." In fact, use your thinking to remind yourself to listen. Remind yourself to do like Milarepa every once in a while. Simply turn your attention toward the Infinite. Get Online and listen for the download whenever it occurs to you, even cup your hand by your ear :))))

At first, it takes practice to remind yourself to do this. The more you do it, however, the more you will realize, "Wow, it is effortless to BE ONLINE because I am already connected. It's just the way it is!" All you have to do is put your usual mindset in a temporary pause-mode and then desire to know more than you already know. More starts flowing in.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Entering the Eternal Now ~ Gerald Jay Markoe ~ Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt

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