Learning to Relax – venice class – Jun 10, 2014 tu

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"Sava" means corpse. Savasana is the Corpse Pose. Just that is amusing. Because, yes, it looks like that. But, hey, when you experience the Corpse Pose, you ain't dead. You are nowhere near dead! In fact, you start having a clearer experience of Life, live. And that is the point.

Yes, Savasana is a good relaxation. But, in a more profound sense, it is about opening up and becoming fearless. When you fear, you clench. When you relax, you open.

When you relax and open by becoming fearless, you will have a clearer experience of Life, live. You will then find yourself living your life with a slightly different assessment of what's required. Instead of defense against a hostile world, it is almost the flip of that. Wow!

What's really required is learning to be relaxed in the midst of whatever you are doing because you are not in a hostile world. You are in the middle of Reality, which is actually the movement of Harmony, the Movement of Infinity in harmony with Itself. And you are part of the self-expression of That. But, if you are fearful, and if you are tightening yourself up against the harmonious flow of Harmony, then yes, you are going to have a disharmonious experience.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Kafez (Dusk Mix) ~ Nuria Lita ~ Marrakesh Chillout Lounge
  2. Nuvole bianche ~ Ludovico Einaudi ~ Una Mattina Classical

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