How to Meditate – venice class – Jun 26, 2014 th

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Question: How do you explain to somebody who thinks they can't meditate how to meditate?

Erich: How do you explain to somebody who thinks they CAN meditate how to meditate? You know what I mean?

When I sit down to meditate I'm not really "doing" anything. Anything that you "do" is just sort of getting you in the lane. The real meditation is: YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING! And then you BE ATTENTIVE to what is happening at that point. And then you realize, "Oh, wow, The All is doing ME!"

So, just keep learning what it is. Keep experiencing what it is. Don't feel like you have to have it all mapped out. If you do have it all mapped out and then you "do" your meditation, man, that is blinking boring! Meditation is not like that. It's the juiciness of Life experienced in the Now that you are in.

The easiest way that I find myself talking about it is: Get your people to relax. And, yourself, just relax. It is way more profound than it sounds.

You ARE conscious, effortlessly. And so, you will NOT go unconscious as you relax and don't "do" anything. Any technique you give somebody is simply a thing you give them to do as a way of distracting them from their usual distracted state. You say, "Focus on this." And they'll be like, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh." Pretty soon they will be consciously attentive in the new Now. That's when you realize YOU ARE ONLINE, which is the huge point.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Being With You ~ Bahramji & Mashti ~ Bahramji & Mashti
  2. Ney ~ Bahramji Feat. Masti ~ Sufi Safir

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Illustration Credit: & Copyright: Simone Marchi (SwRI), SSERVI, NASA

Explanation: No place on Earth was safe. Four billion years ago, during the Hadean eon, our Solar System was a dangerous shooting gallery of large and dangerous rocks and ice chunks. Recent examination of lunar and Earth bombardment data indicate that the entire surface of the Earth underwent piecemeal upheavals, hiding our globe's ancient geologic history, and creating a battered world with no remaining familiar land masses. The rain of devastation made it difficult for any life to survive, although bacteria that could endure high temperatures had the best chance. Oceans thought to have formed during this epoch would boil away after particularly heavy impacts, only to reform again. The above artist's illustration depicts how Earth might have looked during this epoch, with circular impact features dotting the daylight side, and hot lava flows visible in the night. One billion years later, in a calmer Solar System, Earth's first supercontinent formed.

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