The Dolphin Story – venice class – May 29, 2014 th

I like this analogy because this is how spiritual insights have been for me. I will get an insight about something. I will have a dolphin-moment of clarity. I will know something. And then, thwump! and I am back to where I was, sort of. Except now I know I had the insight. I know there is more going on than I was previously hip to. I am not quite the same as I was before. And then I will have another dolphin-insight, and then again thwump. Etc.

The more it happens, the more I trust the insights.

Now, part of the deal is that when you have an insight about something, a new understanding about things, it will probably not answer all your questions. It will answer your questions at a certain level and elevate your understanding. At your new advanced level you will find yourself having new questions. "Oh wow! If that is true, then what about this? What about that?" And so curiosity is sparked once again. That is a good thing.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Om ~ Maneesh De Moor ~ Signatures On Water
  2. Baba Hanuman ~ Krishna Das ~ Breath Of The Heart
  3. On And On ~ Donna De Lory ~ Bliss

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"A Milky Way Dawn - NASA"

Image Credit & Copyright: Babak Tafreshi (TWAN), ESO Ultra HD Expedition

Explanation: As dawn broke on March 27, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy stood almost directly above the European Southern Observatory's Paranal Observatory. In the dry, clear sky of Chile's Atacama desert, our galaxy's dusty central bulge is flanked by Paranal's four 8 meter Very Large Telescope units in this astronomical fisheye view. Along the top, Venus is close to the eastern horizon. The brilliant morning star shines very near a waning crescent Moon just at the edge of one of the telescope structures. Despite the bright pairing in the east, the Milky Way dominates the scene though. Cut by dust lanes and charged with clouds of stars and glowing nebulae, the center of our galaxy sprawls across the darker zenith even as the deep blue sky grows brighter and buildings still glint in moonlight.