An Inspired Life – venice class – May 8, 2014 th

Question: What should I do with my life?

Erich: Basically, the way I would put it is THINK LESS and PAY ATTENTION MORE. Listen more. Shut up. Listen. Shut up. Relax. Listen. Because when you do YOU WILL FEEL NEW INSPIRATION THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONJURE UP.

It is nice that you do not have to conjure up new inspiration. Otherwise, you would wipe yourself out having to conjure up inspiration all the time. Whereas the insight is, wow, the fact that you exist is because Inspiration Itself is being Itself as you.

This is a crucial, big fundamental point.

Yogis should be tapping into the inspired state, so as to live an inspired life. What you do will be more meaningful for others, and it will be more meaningful for you. If you are NOT living an inspired life, then you ARE living a less than inspired life. There are gradations of that — low energy, depression, bummer- hood. Yet, any state could only be what it is because it is happening within the Infinity of Mind. If you can train yourself to quiet-mind it a little more than usual, then the wisdom of the Infinity of Mind — which is Life, which is Inspiration Itself — will register with you as being your common sense and your life will come alive. That is so huge.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Bhagavati Ananda Rupa ~ Maneesh De Moor ~ Om Deeksha
  2. My Primitive Heart (feat. MC Yogi) ~ Eccodek ~ Singing in Tongues
  3. La Illaha ~ Bahramji and Maneesh De Moor ~ Open Your Heart

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"WR 104: A Pinwheel Star System - NASA"

Image Credit & Copyright: P. Tuthill (U. Sydney) & J. Monnier (U. Michigan), Keck Obs., ARC, NSF

Explanation: Might this giant pinwheel one-day destroy us? Probably not, but investigation of the unusual star system Wolf-Rayet 104 has turned up an unexpected threat. The unusual pinwheel pattern has been found to be created by energetic winds of gas and dust that are expelled and intertwine as two massive stars orbit each other. One system component is a Wolf-Rayet star, a tumultuous orb in the last stage of evolution before it explodes in a supernova -- an event possible anytime in the next million years. Research into the spiral pattern of the emitted dust, however, indicates the we are looking nearly straight down the spin axis of the system -- possibly the same axis along which a powerful jet would emerge were the supernova accompanied by a gamma-ray burst. Now the WR 104 supernova itself will likely be an impressive but harmless spectacle. Conversely, were Earth really near the center of the powerful GRB beam, even the explosion's 8,000 light year distance might not be far enough to protect us. Currently, neither WR 104 nor GRB beams are understood well enough to know the real level of danger.