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The big deal remember is that you did not make you. You are not here because of anything you have done. I am not here because of anything I have done. I am not conscious because I am "doing" conscious. You and I are not responsible for the fact that we exist. You and I are only here because GOD IS.

God means "Supreme Being." God is the Supreme I AM. The Supreme I AM is the "I am" that we all are. Therefore, when you allow yourself to temporarily LET GO of any certainty you may have about who you are, and you relax into and stay with your actual now experience — and you have a clearer experience of your reality, whatever that happens to be, and you let yourself be authentically you, whatever that happens to be — increasingly, you will feel the God-ness of what you actually naturally are. Not ego, but a clearer assessment.

That is the simplicity of the mindset. You only exist because The All is being you. Therefore, trust yourself to do as your deepest feelings are guiding you to do, and encourage others to do the same, because our deepest feelings are coming from The All — the One & Only — and nowhere else. Get clear on that. As more of us realize the truth of this, more harmony will be evidenced and experienced in our world.

This seems to require skill. And so, practice. The practice is: Put a comma in your commentary…

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Eastern Slide ~ Dub Sutra ~ The Rise of Downtempo
  2. Bathe In These Waters ~ Donna De Lory ~ Sanctuary

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"Illustris Simulation of the Universe - NASA"

Video Credit: Illustris Collaboration, NASA, PRACE, XSEDE, MIT, Harvard CfA;
Music: The Poisoned Princess (Media Right Productions)

Explanation: How did we get here? Click play, sit back, and watch. A new computer simulation of the evolution of the universe -- the largest and most sophisticated yet produced -- provides new insight into how galaxies formed and new perspectives into humanity's place in the universe. The Illustris project -- the largest of its type yet -- exhausted 20 million CPU hours following 12 billion resolution elements spanning a cube 35 million light years on a side as it evolved over 13 billion years. The simulation is the first to track matter into the formation of a wide variety of galaxy types. As the virtual universe evolves, some of the matter expanding with the universe soon gravitationally condenses to form filaments, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies. The above video takes the perspective of a virtual camera circling part of this changing universe, first showing the evolution of dark matter, then hydrogen gas coded by temperature (0:45), then heavy elements such as helium and carbon (1:30), and then back to dark matter (2:07). On the lower left the time since the Big Bang is listed, while on the lower right the type of matter being shown is listed. Explosions (0:50) depict galaxy-center supermassive black holes expelling bubbles of hot gas. Interesting discrepancies between Illustris and the real universe do exist and are being studied, including why the simulation produces an overabundance of old stars.

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