The “I AM” Thing – venice class – Apr 15, 2014 tu

"I know that this works, but why does it work???"

The reason that BEING ONLINE works — and the reason why doing what your heart and conscience is guiding you to do is the smart thing to do — is because who you are, and who I am, and who anyone is, is only who they are because The Totality is appearing as them, is appearing as you, is appearing as me.

When you dare to do as your deepest feelings guide you to do — because who you are is The All in specific and unique self-expression — you will not merely be enacting your cultural conditioning. All you have to do is put a comma in your commentary. Bingo! There you are, consciously online. The wisdom of The All will then be experienced by you as your new common sense. You will find yourself flowing more easily with what turns out to be the Harmony of Being. That's when you exclaim, "It works!"

The big insight is that you and I only exist because The All is being Itself as us. BEING ONLINE works because Intelligence is already at work. And so, in simple words, think less and listen more. Because when you do, Knowing flows in. You will be a little smarter than a moment ago.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Birthday ~ The Beatles ~ The Beatles (White Album)
  2. Desert Poem ~ Stephan Micus ~ To The Evening Child
  3. Kali Durge ~ Girish ~ Diamonds In The Sun
  4. Aham Prema ~ Donna De Lory ~ Sanctuary

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"Time Lapse of a Total Lunar Eclipse - NASA"

Video Credit: Adam Block, Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, U. Arizona

Why would a bright full Moon suddenly become dark? Because it entered the shadow of the Earth. Almost two weeks ago this exact event happened as the Moon underwent a total lunar eclipse. That eclipse, visible from the half of the Earth then facing the Moon, was captured in numerous spectacular photographs and is depicted in the above time lapse video covering about an hour. The above video, recorded from Mt. Lemmon Sky Center in Arizona, USA, keeps the Earth shadow centered and shows the Moon moving through it from west to east. The temporarily good alignment between Earth, Moon, and Sun will show itself again tomorrow -- precisely half a moon-th (month) later -- when part of the Earth will pass through part of the new Moon's shadow.

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