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Yoga is something to do all the time, remember. "All the time" means now. The now is now, even right now. You are always in the New Now. You will ALWAYS BE in the New Now. Therefore, the only time or place you can ever do Yoga is in the New Now you are always and only in. That is why the homework has been to say the sentence, "What is the truth of this new Now, really?" and then be attentive to the New Now moment you will always be in. Another way of doing the same thing is, "Just exhale and relax."

There are many different ways of talking about this. I call it the conscious pause, or the holy instant, or the sacred pause. Call it whatever you want. Just do it a lot. Do it a lot! Pause frequently… relax… and be conscious of the New Now you are currently in. When you do this, you will find yourself being in the New Now with less of your usual agenda. When there is less of your usual agenda you will have a clearer (truer) experience of the New Now you are in.

The Insight is "Wow, there is way more going on here than we are usually hip to." In fact, "Wow, we are in the middle of the Awesome Movement of Life. Wow! Everything you see is God-expressed, really. Really, really, really, really."

Be curious. Remember to do this. Do it a lot. Whenever it occurs to you, just exhale and relax and then pay attention to the New Now you are in.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Nataraja ~ Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach ~ Music For Yoga And Other Joys
  2. Twilight ~ Delerium ~ Karma
  3. Returning To Now ~ Karunesh ~ Namaste
  4. Sun King ~ The Beatles ~ Abbey Road

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"Orange Sun Sparking - NASA"

Image Credit & Copyright: Alan Friedman (Averted Imagination)

Explanation: Our Sun has become quite a busy place. Taken only two weeks ago, the Sun was captured sporting numerous tumultuous regions including active sunspot regions AR 2036 near the image top and AR 2038 near the center. Only four years ago the Sun was emerging from an unusually quiet Solar Minimum that had lasted for years. The above image was recorded in a single color of light called Hydrogen Alpha, inverted, and false colored. Spicules cover much of the Sun's face like a carpet. The gradual brightening towards the Sun's edges is caused by increased absorption of relatively cool solar gas and called limb darkening. Just over the Sun's edges, several filamentary prominences protrude, while prominences on the Sun's face are seen as light streaks. Possibly the most visually interesting of all are the magnetically tangled active regions containing relatively cool sunspots, seen as white dots. Currently at Solar Maximum -- the most active phase in its 11-year magnetic cycle, the Sun's twisted magnetic field is creating numerous solar "sparks" which include eruptive solar prominences, coronal mass ejections, and flares which emit clouds of particles that may impact the Earth and cause auroras. One flare two years ago released such a torrent of charged particles into the Solar System that it might have disrupted satellites and compromised power grids had it struck planet Earth.

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