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Yoga is about lifestyle. Lifestyle means "the way you do your thing." And so, part of the way to do your thing, I'm suggesting, is do the homework. The homework is a simple sentence, which promotes curiosity. The reason for engaging curiosity is to come upon a clearer understanding and appreciation for What Is Really Going On. If you do not have a clear understanding of What Is Really Going On, then, yes, you will have an UNCLEAR understanding. And, if you have an unclear understanding, you will have a weird experience in the middle of Awesome Reality, Life. Most of us are having weird experiences in the middle of Awesome Reality, Life.

The simple homework is the sentence, "What is the truth of this new Now moment, really?" Whenever it occurs to you, say the sentence. Say the sentence so that in the next new moment — NOW —you interact with life with a little more curiosity about it than usual, so you are not whitewashing everything with your past best assessments.

You do not have to figure anything out. Figure it out enough to know that you do not have to figure anything out. All you have to do is start appreciating what is actually SO. Because the growing insight is, "Wow, we are in the middle of Awesome L ife, really. The Earth is not flat. It has been round the whole time. We are not physical beings in a physical universe. We are spiritual beings in a spiritual universe, and have been the whole time. Oh, Oh, Oh!"

Put a pause in your commentary and get curious. What IS the truth of Life, live, really? Life, live, is ALIVE. You will start feeling more alive, effortlessly, without having to do anything. Simply stop doing what you usually do! Get quiet in your mind more of the time. Stop thinking quite so much, because the thinking just bolsters up your normal assessments. Put a pause in your thinking and wonder, "Well, what is the Truth?" Hang out in the Void, longer, longer, longer, longer. Next thing you know, you will realize, "Wow, the Void is not void of meaning. The Void is full of what Life really is." Void is a funny word, because The Void is full! Learn to get quiet in your mind and then be curious, curious, curious, curious. What is the truth of this new Now?

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Worried About You ~ The Rolling Stones ~ Tattoo You
  2. Jaya Bhagavan ~ Krishna Das ~ Planet Chant
  3. Mumbhai Theme ~ A.R.Rabman ~ Café Del Mar #5

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"Equinox on a Spinning Earth - NASA"

Image Credit: NASA, Meteosat, Robert Simmon

Explanation: When does the line between day and night become vertical? Tomorrow. Tomorrow is an equinox on planet Earth, a time of year when day and night are most nearly equal. At an equinox, the Earth's terminator -- the dividing line between day and night -- becomes vertical and connects the north and south poles. The above time-lapse video demonstrates this by displaying an entire year on planet Earth in twelve seconds. From geosynchronous orbit, the Meteosat satellite recorded these infrared images of the Earth every day at the same local time. The video started at the September 2010 equinox with the terminator line being vertical. As the Earth revolved around the Sun, the terminator was seen to tilt in a way that provides less daily sunlight to the northern hemisphere, causing winter in the north. As the year progressed, the March 2011 equinox arrived halfway through the video, followed by the terminator tilting the other way, causing winter in the southern hemisphere -- and summer in the north. The captured year ends again with the September equinox, concluding another of billions of trips the Earth has taken -- and will take -- around the Sun.

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