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I think most everyone here is getting the technique and the joy of the Freeform Chapter. All you do is listen for Inner Guidance. It is as though you are wirelessly connected to the Internet of Infinite Mind and you are simply listening for the download. Instead of inserting your own preferences, instead of inserting what you think you are supposed to do, you learn that what you are really supposed to do is LISTEN. Because when you do, the download will register with you. You will know what to do. The download from the Internet of Infinite Mind will start feeling like your common sense.

When we get to the Freeform Chapter, simply plug-in to a pattern you already know. If you know the Sun Salute, and you feel like doing the Sun Salute, start doing it the way you were taught. But, as you are doing the prescribed routine, practice getting into it a little bit more than you already are. Be attentive to linger-moments and change-it-up moments. At a certain point, it will start to feel like you are actually channeling your practice — but it is coming out of the known, so it is easy to plug into. If your inspiration falls flat at any point, come back to the prescribed routine. Get into it a little bit more than you already are, again. Be attentive to linger-moments a little bit more than you already are, again. Give yourself permission to change it up, a little more than you already are. And then, bingo, you are in there channeling it again.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. The Gates of Istanbul ~ Loreena McKennitt ~ An Ancient Muse
  2. Hallelujah ~ k.d. lang ~ Hymns Of The 49th Parallel
  3. Redemption Song ~ Bob Marley ~ Legend

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"Santa Monica Sunset - Freedom Style Freeform"

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