In Simple Words – venice class – Mar 11, 2014 tu

Yoga Philosophy is why I got into the practices. I was interested in the mindset, the spiritual outlook. In simple words, the technique I practice involves learning to think less, as idiotic as that sounds! Think less and listen more. Do active listening. Because when you do, Knowing happens. Then your job, your joy, what you get to do is live it! Give expression to what you find yourself Knowing when you are not thinking.

That is a simple paragraph. But, keep swimming around in it! Wherever you are in a day is exactly where you should be actively listening more, and thinking less, so as to make yourself susceptible to Knowing. You will then be inspired into the next new moment. Wow, so cool! You know? Living your life and feeling more and more inspired.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Water Down The Ganges ~ Prem Joshua ~ Water Down The Ganges
  2. Gymnopédies ~ Aldo Ciccolini ~ Satie Piano Works

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