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The advanced technique is BE CURIOUS. I like saying it this way because it tells you what to do without telling you what to do. The homework has been to say the sentence, "What is the truth about this new Now experience, really? What is the truth about this bowl? What is the truth about this towel?" Say the sentence frequently, so you are not saying what you normally say. Say the sentence so you are putting a different commentary in your experience. Say the sentence and then put a comma in your commentary. This will set you up for having a clearer assessment about the truth of Life, live.

Life will become more precious, more awesome — but not because it is impermanent. The forms are impermanent. The forms are always changing. But, Life is permanent. Impermanence, like a changing snow globe, is happening within the globe or context of permanence. The more fundamental fact is Permanence! Life, only, forever.

Understand that the forms and formations of life are always changing, just like the weather is always changing. And, like the weather, there is always weather of one sort or another. But every ounce of weather is always and only happening within the formless context of the sky. "Formless" means unbound, not circumscribed, without a boundary. Here we are talking about the forms and formations of life, manifest creation, happening within the Formless Context or Permanent Sky of Consciousness, Mind, that which is Unchanging, Eternal, Aware. Be increasingly curious about this. What is the truth of this new Now moment, really?

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Jaya Bhagavan ~ Krishna Das ~ Live On Earth
  2. Desert Poem ~ Stephan Micus ~ To The Evening Child
  3. Blessed Always ~ Donna De Lory ~ In The Glow

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"Earth-size Kepler-186f - NASA"

Illustration Credit: Illustration Credit: NASA Ames / SETI Institute / JPL-Caltech, Discovery: Elisa V. Quintana, et al.

Description: Planet Kepler-186f is the first known Earth-size planet to lie within the habitable zone of a star beyond the Sun. Discovered using data from the prolific planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft, the distant world orbits its parent star, a cool, dim, M dwarf star about half the size and mass of the Sun, some 500 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. M dwarfs are common, making up about 70 percent of the stars in our Milky Way galaxy. To be within the habitable zone, where surface temperatures allowing liquid water are possible, Kepler-186f orbits close, within 53 million kilometers (about the Mercury-Sun distance) of the M dwarf star, once every 130 days. Four other planets are known in the distant system. All four are only a little larger than Earth and in much closer orbits, also illustrated in the tantalizing artist's vision. While the size and orbit of Kepler-186f are known, its mass and composition are not, and can't be determined by Kepler's transit technique. Still, models suggest that it could be rocky and have an atmosphere, making it potentially the most Earth-like exoplanet discovered so far ...

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