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One of the main themes I always want to reiterate is that Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is about the way you do your life, not just part of the time, but all the time. The profound working hypothesis for how to do this, and this is the summation sentence at the end of many pages of figuring things out, is this:

because when you do KNOWING flows in,
to what you find yourself Knowing,
whether you can explain it yet or not.

That is such a powerful formula. It works because your mind is connected to the infinity of Consciousness. When you are not thinking quite so much, you will still be conscious. In fact, you will be more consciously connected to the totality of Consciousness. Most thinking merely energizes your current level of ignorance. If that is what you are doing, then you are not letting new Knowing flow in.

Be smart enough to know that you do not know, but you want to know, and that it is possible to know more. Then do what is feeling right to you — always, only, as much as you can. That which is feeling right to you is what will be congruent with the infinity of things. It is nice how it comes full circle. It is not egotistical to do what you feel like doing. It is not selfish in a pejorative sense. You are supposed to do what the deepest part of you is encouraging you to do (!) because you are connected to Infinity.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Guaranga Karuna ~ Rasa ~ Shelter
  2. Om Namah Shivaya/Thy Will Be Done ~ Donna De Lory ~ Remixes
  3. Love Is My Religion (acoustic) ~ Ziggy Marley ~ Love Is My Religion

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