Relax. Love. Trust. – venice class – Feb 11, 2014 tu

These are three of the primary themes I have been emphasizing for the past year or so: 1) Relax. Whenever it occurs to you, relax a little more than you already are. Relax your muscles and relax your fears, your concerns. 2) Practice love. Do this where it is easy. Pet your kitty with more conscious affection while you are petting your kitty. 3) Trust. The more you do the first two, the more you will find yourself willing to trust your insights and impulses about what to do or not do. You will find yourself being more inspired, more of the time. Try these. It is a totally cool way to live.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. For What It's Worth ~ DJ Drez ~ Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs
  2. Love Is My Religion (acoustic) ~ Ziggy Marley ~ Love Is My Religion

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