Unconflicted Conscious Being – venice class – Nov 5 2013

When you relax, the first thing you will experience is relief. The idea is to relax everywhere. You will get a subtle feeling of relief everywhere. Relief feels nice. It feels good. And if you just keep letting go, the relief will transition into the experience of calm.

This is important. When you meditate and become still, and you start experiencing the feeling of calm, one of the things you realize is, "Wow, I am not generating the feeling of calm. All I am doing is letting go of my tension." Suddenly, calm becomes your actual now experience. You intuit that the feeling-tone of Infinity — the Oneness, the Singularity, the feeling-tone of The All — is calm. It is Unconflicted Being. Not "dead." But, Life, alive.

Relax as thoroughly as you can, and pay attention to your actual now experience. Inevitably — perhaps, imperceptibly — you will experience the feeling-tone of Calm that you are in the middle of — the feeling-tone of Infinity, which is therefore the feeling-tone of you. Your experience of you will be that of Unconflicted Being — Life, alive, moving — being what you are. You will then realize you can either create tension and thereby distance yourself from the experience of unconflicted Being, the movement of Harmony, or you can slide into it by relaxing. As you learn to do this, your health will steadily improve.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Returning To Now ~ Karunesh
  2. Comfortably Numb ~ Pink Floyd
Photo Credit Arthur Klein
Photo Description "Erich Schiffmann Reclining Budha"

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