Are We There Yet? venice class – Nov 19, 2013 tu

YES ! ! ! We are in the middle of The Ultimate already. We are not in a transient, illusory world. We are misperceiving it, perhaps, but this is Life, live. This is the real thing, really.

Therefore, stop discounting it, thinking you are in a fake world. You are not seeing an illusory world. You are seeing a misperception of something Real. What's required is the willingness to pay attention to whatever is in your now experience with a little more curiosity to see the Reality that must be there.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Atman Kama ~ The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan
  2. Mumbhai Theme ~ Café Del Mar #5
Photo Credit APOD Nov 20, 2013
Image Info - What are black hole jets made of? Many black holes in stellar systems are surely surrounded by disks of gas and plasma gravitationally pulled from a close binary star companion.
Illustration Credit: NASA, CXC, M. Weiss

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