Your Actual Now Experience – venice class – Sep 12, 2013

Today we are going to do a longer than normal Deep Relaxation. I like this practice because all you do is: Relax and pay attention to your actual now experience… and then bingo! You're not climbing Mt. Everest and wiping yourself out.

When you consciously relax and stay with your actual now experience, you will start feeling the lovely truth of you. Luckily! The fear is that truth will indict you, convict you, prove you are the schlub you think you are, and so there is a natural reluctance to experience the truth of what you are. But increasingly you realize the fear is unfounded because when you relax and stay with your actual now experience you start feeling loved.

At first, you feel relief, and then the relief transitions into calm. Calm is your actual true nature. You are not responsible for your true nature, nor do you have to generate or sustain it. All you need to do to experience it is stop tensing up. Stop doing what you normally do long enough to relax, and then experience how relief transitions into calm. You will start feeling loved because the energy is Love. Not what you might have feared it might be.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Sky Is Open ~ Donna De Lory

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