Independence Day – venice class – Jul 2, 2013

Get clear on the fact that YOU are not an independent person. You are totally dependent on the Life Principle! The problem is thinking that you are independent, that you are separate, that you are on your own, that you are stranded, abandoned . . . and it’s up to you. That’s the problem!

We have turned being independent into a virtue. Yes, we are independent from the British. But, in a more fundamental sense, get clear that you and I are NOT independent of the Life Source.

You are totally dependent on the Life Force . . . the Life Principle. You only exist because The Entirety is being Itself — and it is looking like You. Don’t strive for independence. And, whenever there is a symptom in your experience of, “Oh wow, I’m feeling stranded. I’m feeling alone. I’m feeling like I can’t do this,” bust yourself. Do not believe yourself in those moments. Quickly realize, “Oh, right! I can use my mind to get Online and access Online Knowing” because Big Mind IS your mind.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Aad Guray Nameh ~ Snatam Kaur
  2. Ney ~ Bahramji

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