From Darkness to Light – venice class – Jun 18, 2013

We are suffering because we are living life with a blurred-over mindset. We are doing stupid things. We are bumping up against Life. It's as though we have blindfolds on and are trying to maneuver our way around. The "blindfolds" are our conditionings, the filters through which we understand things. Our conditioning is based on our learning and what other people have taught us. The big skill involves putting all of that on the back burner, temporarily, momentarily, some of the time. In simple words, learn to think less.

Thinking less clears the window of your mind. Then, whoa! There you are, suddenly, right where you have always been with a little clearer view. You will then understand things differently. That is called having a "shift of perception," a shift of understanding about what is going on. You will find yourself having more optimism, more hope, renewed vigor, more inspired living, more faith, more gusto, more clarity . . . and less of the "I’m-just-doing-time" mindset.

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Ney ~ Bahramji
  2. Eastern Slide ~ Dub Sutra
  3. Aham Prema ~ Donna De Lory

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