The Playlist – venice class – May 7, 2013

"For What It's Worth." The words to this song are, "Something is happening here," and I play it frequently because it highlights the realization that we ARE in the middle of a magical, awesome Something. And so, let's BE CURIOUS to experience the truth of that Awesome Something. Not surprisingly, you will then experience more magic, more awesomeness, more life. You will experience yourself coming more to life.

"Returning To Now." That is what it feels like, but you are not actually returning to the Now. You've never been anywhere else! Life is always changing. It will never be exactly like this ever again. At first that realization made me sad, but it became the doorway to the clarity that life is always changing AND it is always something. Life is always new, it has always been new, and you and I are in the New Now, now, only, ever, always. Ever-newness is the fact.

"Aham Prema." I Am Love. That is God talking, but it is also you talking. You only exist because God is being you. God is Love and therefore so are you, no matter what you think and no matter what you've done. Your insight can have a big impact on the global outcome. Don't think that you getting clear will have zero effect. You getting clear is what will have the biggest effect. We are all waking up to the Awesome Movement of Life, hallelujah!

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. For What It's Worth ~ DJ Drez
  2. Returning To Now ~ Karunesh
  3. Aham Prema ~ Donna De Lory

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