That’s The Teaching – venice class – May 14, 2013

The analogy that works best for me is The Internet analogy, the online analogy. Remember that the Sanskrit word "yoga" is similar to the English word “yoke.” It means, “to join” or "connect." And when you desire to join or connect with something, it's because, at the moment, you feel separate or disconnected from that something. Otherwise you would not be desiring to join with it.

The yogis have been talking about this for eons. In easy words, it's about your mind, your consciousness, joining with, yoking with Big Mind, the Supreme Consciousness. And then living your life with the perspective you will find yourself having when you are Online.

It will feel like you are getting online and joining with it, so long as you think you are separate from it. Most of us are walking around thinking we are separate. We feel isolated, alone, stranded, not sure what to do. The big learning in yoga is, wow, you are NOT stranded. You are NOT on your own. You do not even have your own personal mind. You only exist because The Totality is being Itself as you. You are That.

But, in order to get the feeling of that, the trick is to use your mind to join and connect. Literally, let it feel like you are wirelessly connecting with the infinity of Mind. If you feel separate, isolated or alone, to even the smallest smidgeon of a degree, then, more than ever, join, yoke, connect. DO YOGA. At first it's about using your mind to get online, then it's about realizing you ARE online!

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Domine Fil Unigenite ~ Mercedes Bahleda
  2. Ras Mandala ~ Desert Dwellers
  3. Stay ~ Rihanna
  4. Aham Prema ~ Donna De Lory

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