Three Main Homeworks – venice class – Feb 26, 2013

These 3 homeworks are a really fun way to go through your day. You are not just living out your conditioning and impulsive thoughts. You are learning to quiet mind it more, in order to feel the truth of the energy that you are, and then go with your deepest feelings about what to do or not do. There is always something that is most right to be doing. If you relax more, and practice love more, then the 3rd one will start happening more. Trust the impulses that you will become aware of during the day. This is the basis for an increasingly skillful, intuitive, love-filled life.

  • Remind yourself to relax, even just a little, whenever it occurs to you. Don't put it off until later. Do it now.
  • Practice love. Do it where it's easy, like with your kitty, so you get better at doing it where it is not so easy. Understand that love is "the willingness to recognize that which is Real." In your mind, say to people, "I see you and I love you."
  • Trust your insights and impulses about what to do or not do, whether you can explain them to yourself or not.

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